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Working in a Scrum Team

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This course will enable delegates to build Scrum Teams within their working environment and have a high-level understanding of Extreme Programming practices that compliment Scrum in a software development environment.

Through discussion and practical exercises, we look at how the Scrum Framework and Agile principles are used to organize teams that are empowered to create high-quality products. The roles of Scrum Team members are explored in detail to understand the responsibilities of each team member to others on the team and in the wider organizational context.

For software development teams, the introduction to Extreme Programming provides a understanding of the techniques that development teams employ to deliver products that are high quality and address the changing needs in complex business environments.

Target Audience

The intended audience for this course is anyone involved in starting and/or working in an integrated Scrum team.They are potentially working as a Product Owner, or Scrum Master or Team members - this could be project managers, team leaders,development managers, testers, developers, business analysts,and others.


Pre-Course Reading

Delegates should be familiar with the content and rationale for the rules of Scrum in the Scrum Guide, available at www.scrumguides.org.

Pre-Course Reading

Delegates should be familiar with the framework and rationale for Scrum as described in the Scrum Guide, available at www.scrum.org.Further reading to complement the course: Software in 30 Days, by Ken Schwaber; Extreme Programming Explained, by Kent Beck.

This course enables the delegates to understand what the Scrum Master and a Product Owner roles are on a day to day and weekly basis to support the Development Team to realise the release goals. Also how an empowered Scrum Team works together.

Topics covered are:

Scrum Framework




Extreme Programming

Team working

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