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3 Days


Getting Started with Kanban Workshop

Course Overview

This workshop is designed to introduce the core concepts of the Kanban Method for software development. The Kanban Method, developed by David Anderson, is an evolutionary approach to process improvement. Unlike revolutionary approaches, Kanban adds value without requiring that you buy any tools, change any job titles or roles, or change your process (at least, initially). The Kanban Method comprises a set of tools that allow you to improve your quality, predictability, and efficiency through improved visual communication and simple metrics that show where the best opportunities for process improvement may be found and reveal what techniques for enacting that improvement work best in your particular environment.

Target Audience

This course does not get into technical detail regarding any particular role, and so it is ideal for senior managers, product owners, project managers, product development team members, ScrumMasters, and anyone else with a stake in the outcome of a process that could be better than it is.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of one day, attendees will have the tools and knowledge they need to put the Kanban Method to use on their current or future projects. They will be able to map their value stream, build a kanban board, identify work item types and classes of service, implement a pull-based work system, identify bottlenecks in their process, measure their lead and cycle times, and build a cumulative flow diagram.

Course Outline